1 Seaweed Sponge + 1 Rainbow Scrub Soap (Lavender), 80g




We call Seaweed Sponge a 15×20 cm Tulle Net (hand sowed) containing ca. 50g Dried Seaweed (Laminaria spp. or Fucus spp. depending on season).

The pack has to be soaked in slightly warm water for a few minutes, until the seaweed gel start to flow out of it. Then, it can be handled and used like a sponge. It is a way to get a massage with seaweed full of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

It is the ideal seaweed treatment suitable either for a bath or a quick shower.

After the use, the sponge can be placed in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer, until the next usage.

The standard package include 1 Organic Rainbow Scrub Soap (Violet net – Lavender).


1 Seaweed Sponge + 1 Rainbow Scrub Soap (Lavender), 80g incl VAT €8.00


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