Natural Seaweed Anti Aging Serum




Organic Anti-age serum  ALGARAN BEST SELLER!

Containing seaweed fresh extract of : Asparagopsis armata, Laminaria digitata, Dumontiaceae, Chondrus crispus.
Essence: Rose damascena and Jasmine.

This serum will become your “secret tool” to inactivate those traces of time that mark your skin! You cannot miss this fantastic product which regular use will give you quick visible results!

DIRECTIONS: Take a small amount of serum with the fingertips and apply on the skin of the face, when still warm after showering or bathing. Distribute evenly and let it absorb completely. Once the skin has dried, this is the ideal base for make-up.

The serum will form a thin and invisible layer that will keep the skin well hydrated for several hours. Serum can also be used on the eye contour. The effect of the slight tension of the skin makes wrinkles invisible. Contains no fragrance and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Soft Jelly texture, fresh and pleasant on the skin.

The added essential oils are Rose and Jasmine.

Natural Seaweed Cosmetics for Men & Women

Price: €18  each  – postage and packaging extra



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