Organic Chakra Seaweed Scrub Soaps




Soft Soap, full of Organic Vegetal Oils, Seaweed Powder and Pure Organic Essential Oils.

Soaps are packed in Tulle Net bag, which helps a gentle “exfoliating” action. The Tulle Net comes in the 7 rainbow colours.

Conforming the Aroma and Colour meanings, we combine Tulle Net colour and Essential Oils as follows:

Violet – Organic Lavender Essential Oil


Indigo – Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil


Blue – Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Green – Organic Petitgrain (from Orange Leaves) Essential Oil


Yellow – Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil


Orange – Organic Ylang ylang Essential Oil


Red – Organic Cinnamon


Organic Chakra Seaweed Scrub Soap 80g incl VAT €3.50


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